New Bird room

The new bird room was opened by Ken Whaites and Bernard Kellet last summer (2005) This is a brick built bird room measuring 30ft x 18ft with a flat roof, the four windows and door are all double glazed as are the two roof lights which all allow plenty of natural light into the bird room. The ceiling and walls are covered in white plastic coated ply wood, the floor is tiled all of this is very easy to clean. The two large inside flights measuring 13.5ft x 7ft are separated by a corridor leading to the door. The flights are constructed of stainless steel and green melamine panels. The stainless steel panels help prevent feather damage caused by the usual climbing up wire mesh, they also make viewing the birds easier.

A large amount of perching helps prevent the birds fighting for sleeping space. Large eucalyptus branches placed vertically help keep the birds entertained and give them something natural to chew on. The entire back wall is covered by 44 breeding cages with storage underneath. The cages can be turned into stock cages by removing the dividers. Each breeding cage has a removable floor tray and stainless steel cage front. Each cage has a hardwood square perch plus a round one.

A box in a box nest box is used and all are identical. The inner box is replaced between rounds for hygiene reasons, preventing the build up of bacteria and fungi.

A two tiered trolley cage made from stainless steel was made to house youngsters prior to going into the main flights and adults after coming out of the breeding cages. On one side wall there are 12 training cages with front opening doors. A large seed bin underneath the cages provides a clean place for a large quantity of seed.

On the opposite wall is the washing/preparation area, which provides hot and cold running water as well as purified water which is given to the birds daily. There is a storage space underneath the work tops.

Electrical gadgets include 6 x 6ft fluorescent lights with daylight bulbs wired up to a dimmer/time clock system, night lights, 4 x 5ft tubular heaters wired to a thermostat set at a minimum of 10c. An extractor fan on one wall as well as a ceiling mounted cooker hood to remove air from the bird room. An alarm system with CCTV was also installed after much debate but deemed necessary today.